DDE4 Quickflash (edc15c4)


DDE4 Quickflash with EWS IMMO Delete
Current version: v1.84

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Flash tool for Bosch DDE4 EDC15C ECU/DMEs found in BMW e46, e38, e39, etc with M57 25d and 30d engines. Also supports some Rovers and Freelanders.

-FULL (program and tune) and PARTIAL (tune) flashing via OBD port!

-Full Dump and Partial dump via OBD port

-EWS Delete

-Checksums automatically corrected

-Allows for DTCs to be read and reset

Unlimited vehicle use

After downloading, your activation license is automatically sent to the email used to purchase. Be sure you activate the license on the computer you plan to use this on as it is one license per computer!

Internet connection required

Windows 7 and newer
FT232RL(q) chipset cable  and highly recommended with ediabaslib firmware. https://www.bimmertuningtools.com/cables/

Commercial version available upon request.

Beware of scammers advertising look-alike software. This tool is only sold at https://www.bimmertuningtools.com

Be sure to check out DDE5 Quickflash and DDE6 Quickflash for EDC16!

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