2024.04.30 – Added EWS syncing feature to M5.2 Quickflash

2024.04.16 – Virtual reading added for all MG1 MD1 Flashers

2024.04.08 – Virtual reading added for all E and F MEVD17/EDC17 flashers

2024.02.28Mini R Gen2 Quickflash released

2024.02.268HP Quickflash for F series released

2024.01.26Mini Cooper Quickflash series released

2024.01.24 – EDC17e updated to include EDC17C06 and EDC17CP02

2023.12.286HP Quickflash for transmissions released

2023.12.18ME9.2 Quickflash updated to support flashing of most ECU variants

2023.12.06 – BMW EDC16 IMMO Off File Service added to

2023.11.20 – B58 and B48/B46 Quickflash for F and G series released

2023.07.22 – DDE6 Quickflash with EWS delete IMMO off for BMW EDC16C35 and EDC16CP35 released

2023.07.02 – DDE5 Quickflash with EWS delete IMMO off for BMW EDC16C1 and EDC16C31 released

2023.06.27 – S58 Quickflash for F and G series released

2023.06.15 – MSS5x Quickflash update for bug fixes

2023.06.14 – Bench pinouts added to website

2023.06.07 – Added S63tu flash tool for S63tu and N63tu F series

2023.05.03 – Added MSS52 support to MSS54 OBD read lock tool

2023.04.24 – BTT EWS Deleter and EWS IMMO Patcher fixed MS42 CA solution

2023.04.18 – N54 Quickflash fixed burble

2023.04.1 – ME7.2 Quickflash v3.1 fixed logging parameters

2023.04.04 – BTT EWS Deleter updated. Improved ME9.2 and added EK927, EK928_2

2023.04.03 – Some flash tools updated with bug fixes

2023.03.28 – EDC17e update

2023.03.20 – BTT EWS Deleter – Fixed issue with MSV70 and MSS70

2023.03.09 – N43 Quickflash released for MSD80.2 and MSD81.2 ECUs. EWS delete support added to services.

2023.02.24 – EDC17e and EDC17f Quickflash released for E and F series diesels

2023.02.20 – EWS IMMO delete service added for MSD80 and MSV80 family ECUs

2023.02.17 – MSS6x Quickflash v1.3 update. You can now flash modified tunes to your MSS60 or MSS65 ECU without the need to unlock it prior

2023.01.28 – N55f Quickflash released under F series

2023.01.25 –  BTT EWS Deleter v1.7 – fixed some crashing bugs. Added mini cooper 1.5 and 2mb full dumps

2023.01.25 – S55 Quickflash released under F series

2023.01.01 – Website migration in progress. Website may display as under maintenance/coming soon until the migration is complete.